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What is pyspread ?

pyspread is a spreadsheet application that computes Python expressions in its cells. It is written in the Python programming language.

At least basic knowledge of Python is required to use pyspread effectively. The core mission of pyspread is to be the most pythonic spreadsheet.

pyspread does not follow the traditional spreadsheet approach. Its approach is comparable to the spreadsheet Siag. However, Siag uses the Scheme programming language.

pyspread provides a three dimensional grid. Rows, columns and tables are treated similar, so that each row, column and table is identified by a number. Therefore, pyspread allows editing three dimensional arrays. These arrays can later addressed as numpy arrays for further computation.

Cell functions in pyspread that are known from conventional spreadsheets such as Excel, gnumeric or LibreOffice.org Calc are not supported. Instead, Python expressions are entered into the spreadsheet cells. Each cell returns a Python object. These objects can represent anything including lists or matrices.

© Martin Manns and the pyspread team