Pyspread 1.x only works with Python 2.x. Development concentrates on fixing bugs and maintaining compatibility. Its source code currently is located in the master branch.

Pyspread 2.x will be Python3 compatible and is under heavy development but not yet ready for production use. Its source code currently is located in the python3 branch. New features should be developed against pyspread 2.x.

The switch to Python3 goes along with changing the GUI toolkit from wxPython to PyQt5. This change requires a major rewrite of the GUI part of pyspread. For an overview of current and future tasks for realizing pyspread 2.0, please refer to the to do list.

How to Help

Thank you for your interest in improving Pyspread. Pyspread is non-commercial. It lives from your contributions. Do not hesitate to help with small things, e.g. stating a feature wish in the issue tracker.

Bug Reports

For bug reports, please use the issue tracker.


For patches / code contributions,

Please try solving only one issue or realize one feature per branch.